Holding Troy Sheperds Accountable

Troy Sheperds must be held accountable for his actions on social media. If he is not, and he somehow moves on as nothing has happened then it sets a principle that actions do not have consequences.

What you can do:

Remember don’t threaten him and don’t comment on his vids (he wants the interaction)

1. Sign this petition calling on Troy and TikTok South Africa to take action:

(List of what we are calling for listed in the petition): http://bit.ly/TroySheperds

2. Continue making educational videos speaking out against GBV, SA etc and tag Troy to help him see that we care that he learns.

3. Send Troy a Collab request via his public email address:


below is a draft email to use:

Dear Troy,

I hope this mail find you however karma wants you to be today.

I would like to request a collaboration with you in which we discuss a business venture. Perhaps a podcast or debate. The concept reads as follows: You and I have a discussion about Gender-Based violence, we discuss the factors that contribute to it and how we can prevent it from continuing as a society. We would also discuss ways in which we can use our platforms to spread positive messages and still be comedians.

Attached please find my motivation for this collaboration, you’ll see that in addition to me wanting to allow you the chance to use your platform for good, i also think these screenshots from comment sections of women and feminists being threatened may persuade you.

I hope to hear from you and wish you the best,

Kindest Regards,

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