Through a lens of Intersectionality

For years the way that LGBTQIA+ people of colour have been perceived within the community here in South Africa  – and around the world –  is through a lens of discrimination and exclusion, by many on the SPECTRUM. But why is that the case when in fact black and brown people are the reason thatContinue reading “Through a lens of Intersectionality”

The Last Generation – The Stories and Realities of Climate Activists

Last year I had the great opportunity to be apart of an amazing activists – Julia Evans- thesis documentary, featuring young climate activists from South Africa!

Racism – The Virus Of The Ages

For centuries the world has faced many viruses. Some that spread through touch, some being sexually transmitted, others and more recently airborne; and while many still do not have vaccines everyone simultaneously agrees that they need to be properly managed and that people infected need to be helped. We understand that unless we all collectivelyContinue reading “Racism – The Virus Of The Ages”

Are Youth Fighting a Losing Battle? The short answer…No

Imagine being a young person in South Africa? You are faced with skyrocketing unemployment, deep poverty, a sense of responsibility to fix the many social injustices that your family and community face, and of course the looming climate crisis. Knowing that this is our youth’s present should not only lead us to ask deep questions about what sort of future we are going to leave them, but what actions we plan to take to ensure that future.

The journey begins here…

afrocado.cpt What is afrocado.cpt? My name is Gabriel Klaasen (He/They) , I am a 22 year old socio-environmental justice activist from Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up my family constantly moved. The early years of my life started off in Mitchells Plain, from there we moved in with extended family in Hanover Park. Shortly afterContinue reading “The journey begins here…”