Queerbaiting and Queercoding in Media

How it’s done and it’s effects on the community

Queerbaiting and queercoding is a serious problem within media and it affects so many people on the LGBTQ+ community.

In this video I deep dive on how its done and its effects in the community. How the importance of representation plays a role in society and why shows and media need to do better!

Watch it Here:


This video is not meant to slander anyone mentioned, I only used them as they are good examples of the topic in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts on queerbaiting and queercoding in the comments below. Drop a like if you want and subscribe for more in the future.

Published by afrocado.cpt

A socio-environmental justice organisation raising awareness through education based action and engagement, with the hope that it might inspire and mobilise others to take action as well.

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