The Last Generation – The Stories and Realities of Climate Activists

We face a pandemic that is ever looming over us, one that has been with us before Covid19 and one that will continue a long time after Covid19 has passed. The Climate Emergency is one that we need to act on now, but we cannot simply act on it alone. We must have an intersectional approach as we move forward so that we can address the social and economic injustices that so many of us face.

It is time for System Change!

Last year I had the great opportunity to be apart of an amazing activists – Julia Evans– thesis documentary, featuring young climate activists from South Africa! This documentary explores what it’s like to be a young climate activist and the importance of pushing Africa to the forefront on the climate movement. It also emphasizes the stories and lived realities of Black people and People Of Colour in the climate change movement.

Watch “The Last Generation” here:

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A socio-environmental justice organisation raising awareness through education based action and engagement, with the hope that it might inspire and mobilise others to take action as well.

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