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What is afrocado.cpt?

My name is Gabriel Klaasen (He/They) , I am a 22 year old socio-environmental justice activist from Cape Town, South Africa.

Growing up my family constantly moved. The early years of my life started off in Mitchells Plain, from there we moved in with extended family in Hanover Park. Shortly after we moved to Claremont, followed by Lansdowne, Kenwyn, and now Gatesville.

In this time period of 22 years – a period in my life where I found myself and still find myself doing and learning new things – I was exposed to many different environments.

Not only environments in the “eco” sense of the word, but in addition, the social sense of the word. I have witnessed and grown up surrounded by social and environmental injustices.

afrocado.cpt came about late 2019, early 2020. The name “stemming” from a play on the words afro – this being a nod to me being African as well as my hair-, the word avocado, and my home City – Cape Town (CPT).

The reason behind starting this was to raise awareness about social and environmental injustices through action and advocacy, as well as to share my journey as a bisexual coloured activist, with the hope that my story and journey might -as insignificant as it seems to me- inspire and mobilise others to take action as well.

Published by afrocado.cpt

A socio-environmental justice organisation raising awareness through education based action and engagement, with the hope that it might inspire and mobilise others to take action as well.

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